Sharing is at the Heart of All Social Behavior

Humans have been sharing for longer than we can remember. And it isn't just humans who share either. Sharing has been observed in all sorts of animals, from insects to birds and mammals. At the most fundamental, evolutionary level, sharing food and resources helps us survive.

What about in modern life?

Today, the Internet enables sharing to take place at breakneck speeds. According to Internet Live Stats, there are on average over 8,000 tweets per second, every second. And the number just keeps growing.

But why do people do it? Why do people start blogs, post updates to Twitter, write books, tell stories, post comments on YouTube? What are the motivations underlying the behavior?

According to research by Wharton marketing professor Jonah Berger, there are 5 reasons that explain why people share:

1: We share to look good (Impression Management)

2: We share to feel good (Emotion Regulation)

3: We share to teach and help (Information Acquisition)

4: We share to connect (Social Bonding)

5: We share to convince (Persuading Others)

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a net worth that tops $150 billion dollars as he becomes the richest person in modern history! What did Jeff do to become wealthy?  He shared a simple concept, sell used books online at a discount.

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